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Avoid Unnecessary Harassments, Safely Ship your Bike from Pune to Mumbai

Well the distance between Pune and Mumbai may not be much but transporting something especially your beloved bike can be pretty tedious at times. So you need to hire professional packers and movers to do this type of job. There are lots of packers and movers in town but bike transport from Pune to Mumbai needs special care, as the distance is short, and these service providers rush things up so many a times the delivered bike gets damaged.

Things to Consider While Opting for Bike Transport Service Provider

The 150 km distance takes 2-3 hours to reach but proper bike transport from Pune to Mumbai requires experienced service providers. A lot of intensive research is needed before you choose these kinds of service providers. You need to follow a set of steps to pack your bike but if you choose an agency to transport your bike, they will provide all kinds of service. You need to make sure your hired agency follows the particular steps before your bike is shipped.
Large carrier vehicles are not allowed in the city so in most cases a staff will pick your bike. Firstly, you should inquire about the staff who will drive your bike to the loading point. You should never forget to check his identity proof and cross check it with the service provider. Ask for his number for additional security. There are many cases of fraud these days. At the end of the day, safe            bike transport from Pune to Mumbai is the ultimate motive. If you have any problem with the pick-up service then you can drop your bike at the specified loading point. For a safe transit, your bike needs three layers of wrapping. Your bike needs to be wrapped with a bubble sheet primarily. After that wrapping should be done with cargo sheets and then with film rolls. At the end, the bike should be tied with a rope to avoid unnecessary movement during transit.

More Things to Know

The first thing you need to know is that the highway connecting Mumbai and Pune has a lot of traffic all the time so the police department is vigilant in the highway. Moreover, the police are adamant and if you are caught then things can become difficult thereafter. As said before the service providers tend to rush things up and might get caught breaking the traffic rules. Once they are caught, you are the worst sufferer. Your bike will not reach you in the given time, you have to change your entire schedule to receive the bike. And at the end of the day, after delivery if you find your bike is damaged then you will never again think of getting your bike shipped by these service providers. So you should check all the records and then choose your service provider. If possible, get a background check on the service provider.You can go and get your bike from the unloading point, or you can get your bike delivered. For safe bike transport from Pune to Mumbai, it is better to check everything, do not take any unnecessary risks by choosing a cheap service provider. You get what you pay for so it is better to avoid all the risks involved.

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