Packers and Movers Pimpri– your ultimate reliable moving partner!

While moving from one location to another may seem quite an exciting prospect, the actual logistics can bring you the nightmare. Moving from one location to another is not a holiday trip on your favourite car but requires meticulous planning and vision. Not to mention, there are numerous formalities involved for such transfers, failing which you will get entangled with legal consequences. This is where packers and movers in Pimpri come in.

The services offered by us:

The services we provide includes packing and moving household goods, shifting of goods from the warehouses/production houses, forwarding of freight, car transportation, air mail, moving cargo, delivering parcels within a short span. We can transport any kind of goods and equipment. Whether it is household furniture or industrial equipment, the transfer is taken care of. While the medium of transport varies widely from furniture to an automobile, we provide the required services. Apart from these, we also take care of the permissions required in order to transport these goods. Some require special transportation arrangements that we also take care of. Our packers and movers in Pimpri take care of all the possible logistical need in order to transfer/move the required goods. Apart from the transport and permissions, we also take care about insuring the goods in case of unforeseen circumstances and natural disasters.

Reliable Packaging is our forte

Packaging of goods before the transport is an important aspect that packers and movers in Pimpri takes care of for you. Goods on a smaller scale, especially domestic furniture which are often fragile require greater attention. The packaging is often done with bubble wraps and thermocol. But industrial equipment requires special packaging which is done in metal and wooden crate with proper support and scaffolding. Management of such packaging can be a nightmare and this is where we help you. By delegating the logistical details to us, you can be sure that your transportation is done at the optimal level. Similar to packaging, the transportation mode is equally important. This means that instead of you worrying about the modes and the corresponding arrangements, we do all the dirty work for you.

We provide the services you need!

We promise to provide you our best services when it comes to moving and packaging. Apart from the basic services, certain value added services like insurance and permissions are done by our behalf for you so that you don’t face the inconvenience. packers and movers in Pimpri will help you in every step of the process, keeping you duly informed and making the optimal choices that lead the fastest and safest transport of your goods and all this at competitive rates. With us, you have the least chance of getting into a mishap!


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