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Easy Hassle-free solution to Pune-Mumbai Bike Transportation

Mumbai is the city of dreams, a place of limitless possibilities. Every day Mumbai has people from all across India relocating there, for work, for education or a shot at the media industry. Are you a resident of Pune who has decided to shift to Mumbai? Good luck for all your endeavors.  But are you also a biker and you can’t figure out how to get your bike there? You could always ride it to Mumbai but what about the entire luggage that you must carry? Here’s the solution to all your worries- a professional bike transportation service from Pune to Mumbai without burning a hole in your pocket. Read on if this sounds interesting. Pune offers a number of bike transport companies that will safely pick up and drop your vehicle to Mumbai without a scratch. Call up a couple of them to enquire into the details and for best prices. Make sure you do your research and only go for reputed companies to avoid scams or an unpleasant experience. Hire the company and they will provide a completely insured hassle-free service.

  • Keep the necessary documents at hand for you have to submit them before the actual transportation happens. Registration, insurance, PUC certificate and your identity proof should suffice. But ask the company beforehand to be completely sure.
  • Schedule a pick-up of your vehicle and a trained company employee will show up to your doorstep. He will examine the physical condition and other details of your bike and make a record of it.
  • He will drive it to a warehouse just outside the city for loading it onto the carrier vessel. This has to be done because large carrier trucks are not allowed within the city limits. You can drop it off yourself if you are extremely possessive of your vehicle.
  • At the warehouse the bike will be heavily packed to avoid damage during transit. Bubble wrap and slip sheets are tightly taped onto the bike so you won’t find a single scratch on it once it’s unpacked in Mumbai.
  • It is then loaded onto a bike carrier truck and securely tied with a rope so that it doesn’t move from its place throughout the journey.
  • You can now peacefully travel to Mumbai yourself. If you’re still worried about where your bike might be, you’re prayers have been answered. The packers and movers give you a tracker number that you can use to know exactly where your bike is at any given time. Call up a customer care official if there is a problem.
  • Once the carrier reaches Mumbai, the bike will be unloaded, unpacked and thoroughly examined. Next, company staff will drive your bike to your Mumbai residence where you can just receive it. Again, you can go pick it up from the unloading point yourself.
  • This is an affordable, uncomplicated and effective way to get your bike from Pune to Mumbai without having to drive it yourself.
  • Most companies will charge around 2500 to 10000 rupees for bike transport from Pune to Mumbai but prices may vary across services and the kind of bike you have
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